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Digital Messaging for Lent

For centuries, Lent has been a significant tradition for many Christians of all denominations.  It commemorates forty days of sacrifice, expressing solidarity and humility, as well as renewing commitments to the faith ahead of Jesus’ resurrection at Easter. 

While many of people growing up in Christian homes started out giving up venial vices like sodas and sweets, this sacrifice has evolved with the times as more and more people give up Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and other modern forms of online communication. 

In 2021, 14% of Americans gave up social media for Lent. This trend is only growing with social becoming so central to daily life. The same study demonstrates that a quarter of Americans would struggle to give up TV and only 11% of Christians ultimately commit to no (or limited) big screens. 

In a growingly interconnected world, where many work virtually, or at the very least, rely on the internet for their day-to-day professional and personal activities, there is no escaping digital activity. 

What does this mean for advertisers?

It is more important than ever to be mindful of where your audience is – and developing a strategy that keeps in mind micro-moments like Lent that require a nuanced approach to reaching your target audience outside of walled gardens. What are some tips to do that?

  • Have social social assets ready to promote and don’t want them to go to waste? Leverage social display units to display the same creative assets across the web. 

  • Promoting an article that you want additional eyes on? Take advantage of native advertising or sponsored content placements that match seamlessly with readers’ news websites of choice – whether it’s Wall Street Journal, Politico, or the Boston Globe.  

  • Looking for your audience to watch your latest video ad? Reach folks via pre-roll video ads across the internet – or go big screen with connected TV (CTV) ads to drive viewership on streaming services and apps, like Hulu, Paramount, Roku, and more! 

  • Does your message resonate with the Christian audience? Lean into the tradition, reaching the faithful on faith-based channels like TBN via exclusive inventory packages. 

While many Christians may find themselves disconnecting more from the online world to connect with the spiritual world, it’s important to understand your audience's values and how to align your message and placement with their behaviors and interests.

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