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Techne Tactics: Overcoming Walled Gardens

TL:DR Version:

Techne helps campaigns across the country to ensure they leverage their data in the best way possible to turn their message into action.

CLICK HERE to submit a request for a Wall-Scaling Strategy Bundle free of cost! Let us know what type of audience you are looking to target and how much money you have to spend, and we'll pull those audiences and let you know the total number of people, the approximate match rate by platform, and the total impressions, CPMs, and estimated frequency across programmatic and Meta platforms. All of our pricing is included in the estimate! We can also include include packages that get your programmatic ads on important news, sports and opinion sites where your audience spends the most time.


One of the most important aspects of a political campaign is the vendor they end up using for their data needs. Usually data is purchased specifically for targeted mailers and walk books. Providing the names and addresses of people who the campaign has identified as worthy of persuading should they come out to vote (and more often than not the campaign is targeting them precisely because they are likely to turn out and vote). The problem for down-ballot campaigns is that data is expensive, and the looming "cookieless future" ensures that campaigns will need to be smart in acquiring and using first-party data if they want to ensure their ad dollars are being efficiently used. The problem these down-ballot campaigns run into is when they spend money on acquiring data from a vendor for mail and door-knocking purposes, and try to utilize that same data for their digital marketing efforts. The campaign can give their data to the digital vendor to ensure message penetration, but the problem is that the data for field and mail is not optimal for matching with individuals in the digital ecosystem - especially when campaigns are trying to leverage their first-party data in platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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